Peterborough Employment disputes

The employee and employer relationship has been an integral component of the capitalist system throughout british history. The type of employment disputes that arise between employees and employers can vary widely, depending on the legal relationship between the two parties.

Types of Employment Disputes

Employees may form unions and may have more power in number. Employment disputes that arise through union relationships often involve wages, working conditions, scheduling conflicts and dismissals of certain employees.

Union employees may decide to strike if they are not satisfied with their working conditions. Many employees work in states that are considered “at-will.” This legal status means that an employer may discharge an employee for any reason, provided that the employer is not violating an anti-discrimination statute or other federal law.

Likewise, employees in and around Peterborough can quit their jobs for any reason. Although lawsuits may arise from termination, these lawsuits are less probable to result in success for the employee in an at-will state. Similar problems may arise between at-will employees and at-will employers as union workers, such as wage disputes, job duties and job conditions.

Laws Regarding Employment Disputes

Several federal laws have been passed that dictate the terms of employment agreements. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage and overtime wage.

Several federal agencies have also been established to ensure the enforcement of specific laws and policies, including the Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These agencies provide a form of redress if employers have violated federal laws regarding employment.

An employee can retain the services of an employment law attorney to file a claim through one of these agencies.

Handling Employment Disputes in Peterborough

When handling employment disputes, advice is readily available from employment law attorneys. Employment law attorneys can provide many resources for employers, including advice on employment disputes, tips on quickly resolving these types of claims, opportunities for resolving employment disputes, simulation activities and other forms of assistance.

An employment law attorney can employ the services of a mediator to assist with the negotiations between an employee and employer to ensure that each party’s interests are fairly represented.

When litigating employment law claims, an employment law attorney often uses certain policies regarding employment disputes. No win no fee is one common policy that these attorneys use. This means that an attorney will not charge a client for services unless he wins a jury verdict or receives a settlement. This helps more employees to be able to afford an attorney for employment disputes.

Employer defendants do not typically receive this type of arrangement through attorneys and many larger corporations have a strong legal team on retainer to handle any disputes of this nature. The employer may also have an insurance policy that will protect him if he is sued.


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