Peterborough Employment claims

Employees have struggled to equalize the power in their relationships with employers throughout history. Beginning with the system of indentured servitude, to slavery to immigrant workers, Americans have attempted to gain more power in the often imbalanced relationship with individuals who provide money, shelter or the means for basic sustenance. When employees have legal issues related to their employment, making a claim against the person who yields such power over them can be a difficult process. Solicitors that are skilled with employment claims represent the majority of employment claims made by employees. A skilled employment claims solicitor in Peterborough can represent these employees in a variety of ways.

Causes of Action

Employment claims in Peterborough may arise for a variety of reasons. Some claims may regard wages, schedule conflicts and reprimands that the employee received. Other employment claims may arise if an employee feels that he had been wrongfully terminated from his job without just cause. These may include cases that are based to retaliation. For example, an employer may have terminated an employee for reporting violations that the employer made that violated state law or agency regulations. Other employment claims arise when the employee believes that the employer has not fulfilled the terms of the employment contract, such as particular benefits, health insurance coverage or promises regarding the employee's schedule. Other employees may leave a company and then may feel that agents have damaged their reputation. They may have claims for interference with contractual relationships or defamation. Discrimination claims may arise if an employee feels that he was mistreated because of his age, gender or race. Other claims may arise in the employment context.

Statutes of Limitation

When employees choose to bring forth employment claims, time limits are often imposed by courts that dictate when a lawsuit must be filed. Each state will have its own particular statute of limitations that provides the time frame in which the claim must be filed. Additionally, if the employment claim involves a federal agency, such as the Department of Labor or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there may be a particular time limit that is imposed by the agency for the agency to become involved in the employment dispute. A skilled employment law attorney is aware of these various statutes of limitations and will ensure that a claim is filed with the court in a timely manner.


Employment law attorneys can also assist with arbitration proceedings. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which the plaintiff and defendant come to an agreement outside the courtroom. When dealing with the arbitration of employment claims, securities officers must comply with specific laws regarding the securities industries. The arbitration is usually binding and may not allow the losing party to appeal. Some securities officers and other employees agree to arbitration as part of their employment agreements. When handling claims, employment tribunal professionals listen to witnesses and testimony that is provided by both parties. The tribunal then makes a decision to resolve the employment claim that was presented before them.


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