Employment Law Peterborough

All of the employment solicitors we reccomend have offices in Peterborough and the experience and local knowledge to deal with all your employment law requirements.

Their law teams are experienced and have extensive knowledge of handling both employees and employers. Using theirr local knowledge they have a good idea on how to cater for many local industries operating in Peterborough.

One simple call can give you the help and reassurance to deal with any employment disputes.

Expert Employer Solicitors Peterborough

Do you have difficult members of staff that are holding your business back and you don’t know how to get rid of without being sued?  

Has your business just lost a contract and you need to start laying off staff but are unsure how to deal with the redundancies?

Or perhaps one of your team has fallen pregnant and you want to know where you stand?

The advice from our experts can be the difference between you getting it right and getting it wrong. We can make the process simpler and easier for all parties involved.

Expert Employee Solicitors Peterborough

Have you just been sacked by your current employer? Do you feel like you weren’t to blame? Do you feel that your employer could have handled the situation a lot better?

If all your answers were yes then you could be entitled to claim unfair dismissal.

Maybe you weren’t sacked you just were made redundant?

How did your employer handle your redundancy package? If you didn’t get what you thought you were entitled to, or they failed to meet the terms of the conditions then you could be entitled to compensation.

Perhaps your Maternity pay was stopped unexpectedly and your employers couldn’t answer your questions?


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